Mint Real Estate Assets emerge from alliance of Al Ahli Sabbour, NBE

By | April 2, 2024

Mint Real Estate Assets emerged from a 30-year strategic alliance between the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Al Ahli Sabbour. Rooted in extensive leadership experience, MINT specializes in forging strategic partnerships that enhance and optimize the value and returns of investment properties. This is achieved through diligent strategic oversight, astute financial planning, expert development consultancy, and cutting-edge marketing strategies. Mint engages with projects at various stages, leveraging its broad expertise in development, marketing, and sales to secure successful outcomes for investors.

The establishment of Mint Real Estate Assets comes at a pivotal moment for Egypt, characterized by rapid urban growth and significant infrastructure enhancements. A diverse spectrum of investors seeks versatile skill sets to address the rising demand for innovative real estate investment solutions.

Ahmed Sabbour, Chairperson of Al Ahli Sabbour, emphasizes the significance of this initiative: “Mint positions itself as a strategic response to the growing need for adept real estate asset management within the Egyptian market, tackling the complexities of evolving market dynamics and the multifaceted challenges of the industry.”

MINT represents a groundbreaking leap in developing and maximizing the value of real estate assets owned by investors, adhering to the highest global standards. The company implements innovative strategies and best ethical and governance practices to drive sustainable growth in line with industry norms.

Guided by the adept leadership of Tamer Erfan and Alia El Nagdi, Mint aims to set new benchmarks for investment quality and ethical standards in the real estate domain. Tamer Erfan, Chairman of Mint, draws on over 30 years of domain expertise at Al Ahli Sabbour and invaluable experience from pioneering real estate asset companies in partnership with Gulf investors.

Mint’s strategy unfolds in two pivotal phases:

Premier Portfolio: Initially, Mint focuses on amassing a distinguished residential and commercial real estate portfolio, comprising ready and under-construction projects in the Egyptian market.

Diverse Assets: The second phase involves expanding the portfolio to include diversified real estate assets, such as lands, cities, and industrial zones. Mint prioritizes sustainable development, governance, ethical investment practices, and comprehensive asset supervision for sustainable profit maximization.

CEO Alia El Nagdi elaborates on Mint’s mission: “We chart a new direction in asset management by prioritizing holistic market evaluation, targeting properties with high growth potential. Our goal is to cultivate a varied investment portfolio that not only meets current market demands but also sets new benchmarks for professional practice in the industry.”

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